Michael  is a composer , pianist and multi-instrumentalist who was born in the country town  of Wyalkatchem in  the remote wheat belt of Western Australia.

 Classically trained in piano  from the age of 10  and like many musicians , he discovered the guitar in his teens and went on the path of discovery through blues, pop, jazz and other  forms of roots music, between the cities of Perth and Melbourne.


 He also discovered Eastern mysticism  in his mid 20s  , which led to many trips to India and a kind of inverted life of early age renunciation , in which he still created  ambient  and  film music.  This foundation of meditation still informs the music he creates to this very day.

 There have been plenty of creative diversions, including being involved in comedy theatre,  street theatre , ambient peace events and solo plays.  Over the years he has always written and recorded music,  whether for meditation, film,  dance, theatre or his own solo projects and has certainly paid his dues as a sideman in many ensembles or as a soloist.

 Since 2015 he has been living in Ballarat, Australia which is home to a growing arts scene. Ballarat has recently hosted the White Night Festival based on  the iconic Nuit Blanche in Paris.  He performed  7 hours of improvised piano for the 'Chandeliers' installation at White Night 2019 .


 Now he prefers to compose his own music for its own sake and has pared  down in recent times to playing the solo grand piano , playing with  his jazz trio and playing piano/French horn duets with  his friend William Stewart.

 Recently Michael has had soiree concerts at his home on his C5 Yamaha concert grand piano.